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$121,000 For a Restaurant Owner due to Insurance Agent’s Negligence

Updated: May 26, 2023

Our client owned a restaurant and had a policy providing 18 months in business-interruption coverage. A new agent solicited our client, where the agent informed him that the agent was an expert in procuring commercial property insurance policies.

During the quote process, and before purchasing a policy from the new agent, our client emailed the new agent a complete copy of his commercial property insurance policy, and requested that the agent matches or provides broader coverage than his existing policy.

After a fire severely damaged our client’s restaurant, our client discovered that the new insurance agent had negligently failed to procure the requested 18 months in business- interruption coverage, and had instead procured only business-interruption coverage for 90 days. We sued the insurance agent for failure to procure the requested coverage and recovered an additional payment of $121,000 for our client.


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