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Nobody enjoys filing a commercial trucking or cargo insurance claim and dealing with insurance companies is frustrating, especially when a commercial truck driver is unable to operate his or her commercial truck to earn the income needed to support his or her family.


When an insurance company denies, delays, or underpays your commercial trucking or cargo claim, you must immediately seek legal advice from an attorney specializing in insurance law.

What is Cargo Insurance?

To a commercial truck owner or operator, protecting cargo is as important as protecting the truck’s container. Container damage results in cargo damage, and truck owners or operators are likely to experience it one way or another.

Cargo insurance coverage is insurance that generally protects shipments from loss, damage, or theft while in transit. This coverage is beyond any basic insurance that may be provided, and it will reimburse for the designated value of the goods if a covered event occurs while the freight is in transit. Dealing with damaged cargo is no fun, but you can avoid that by being informed about the different ways to insure your cargo.

What’s not covered by cargo insurance?

Most insurance policies offer comprehensive damage coverage, but they may not cover all the specifics. These include:

  • Special freight: Your insurance may not cover any hazardous cargo, specific electronic devices, and other expensive or delicate things.

  • Modes of transportation: Some policies will only cover your freight depending on the type of transportation mode you use (sea, land, air etc.).

  • Damaged by poor packaging: Your insurance company might not cover any damage to your goods if they’re linked to poor freight packaging.

  • Flawed products: You might not be covered for cargo damage that could be caused by faulty products in your package.

So before you choose an insurance type, remember to check with your insurance company first. If you must communicate with your insurance company or insurance agent, you should always communicate in writing and keep a detailed record of phone calls, text messages, and emails.

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