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When you purchase an insurance policy, you are not only putting your trust into the insurance company your agent has recommended for you, but you also trust the insurance agent with the insurance company he or she has chosen for you.

Insurance agents may be negligent when they offer deficient or inadequate advice on which type of insurance policy to purchase; when they recommend insufficient coverage; or when they fail to sufficiently and explicitly detail the options or terms of your insurance policy.

Whether the insurance agent’s mistakes are intentional or unintentional, the agent can be held liable, not only for their actions, but for the consequences too.

As a policyholder, you might be eligible for not only the coverage intended but also the difference between the coverage intended and the actual coverage placed.

Some insurance agents hold themselves out to have expertise in providing information to insureds so they can choose the right kind of policy. While other insurance agents may simply write what you ask them to do.

Anytime you ask for an insurance agent’s recommendation, put that in writing so if later on, you find he or she sold inadequate coverage, you have the basis for pursuing a negligence cause of action against the insurance agent.

If you fall victim to your insurance agent’s mistakes, you must seek legal advice immediately from an attorney specializing in suing insurance agents.

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