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At Law Office of Rabih Hamawi, P.C., we specialize in representing businessowners, homeowners, property owners, and other insurance policyholders when their insurance companies demand an examination under oath.

After filing an insurance claim, most insurance policies require an insured to provide sworn testimony by giving an examination under oath, which is a sworn statement of an insured.

An examination under oath is a lengthy process usually lasting several hours, where an insured must answer the questions usually asked by the insurance company’s attorney in front of a court reporter and requires the policyholder to provide documents, including financial documents, as part of the insurance company’s investigation of a claim.

When faced with an examination under oath, it is critical to have an experienced insurance attorney on your side who fully understands what an insurance company may and may not do under the insurance policy and Michigan law.

Before appearing for an examination under oath, the Law Office of Rabih Hamawi, P.C. will also prepare a policyholder for an examination under oath by explaining the process and covering sample questions of what might be asked during an examination under oath.

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