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Michigan's Renewal Rule by Rabih Hamawi

Updated: May 26, 2023

PC, has published an article in the March edition of The Michigan Bar Journal titled “Michigan's Renewal Rule." In Michigan, when an insurance policy is renewed, an insured has no duty to read his or her renewal policy and may assume that the original policy’s coverages, terms, and conditions haven’t changed.

When an insurance company renews a policy and makes changes, alterations, or reductions to the original policy’s coverages, terms, or conditions, it must provide actual and conspicuous notice of any changes, modifications, or reductions. If an insurance company fails to do so, a court will reform the renewal policy and compel the insurance company to provide the broader coverage found in the original policy.

A complete copy of the article may be found by clicking on this link.

Rabih Hamawi is a Principal at Law Office of Rabih Hamawi, PC and focuses his practice on representing policyholders in fire, property damage, and insurance-coverage disputes against insurance companies and in errors-and-omissions cases against insurance agents. He can be reached at (248) 905-1133.



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